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According to a study conducted by Smart Insights” Digital Marketing Management’, 46 percent of brands do not have an established digital marketing strategy, while 16 percent do not have a plan but have not yet incorporated it into their marketing operation.
It’s time for the next season or next month to stop panicking and start working on a plan that could be a powerful blow. We’ve listed the five key steps you, the decision-maker, need to take to ensure that your digital marketing strategies have a real impact on your performance.


Content Marketing Strategy

11 Steps to build a content marketing plan to improve your company If you’re in this group and wonder how to construct your company content strategy, we’re here to help.

Since OptinMonster was launched in 2013, we have successfully used content marketing to drive our own traffic and drive conversions, and we want to share what we have learned along the way with you.

This manual will help you to build and run a content marketing system through 11 basic steps which will help you grow your company without wasting time and money.

Stage 1. Start Set your mission and objectives A good starting point to create a content marketing mission statement for your brand management plan is. This is a straightforward statement that makes it easier to concentrate on what is relevant, and what is not, to build your content so that your marketing plan for content stays on track.